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Simplest way possible to connect to Qlik Sense API

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Simplest way possible to connect to Qlik Sense API

Wrapper For Qlik Sense API

Recently i've been working a lot with qlik sense api, which was giving me a lot of headache. My main goal was to get the information (apps, users, create session, delete session and so on...), I wanted to be simple and as fast as possible without worrying about the requests, headers and more stuff...

So I decided to create a wrapper that solve that!!

The objective is to be as simple as possible to retrive information and do stuff with qlik, like: reload a task, after the setup you can do it in about one line! I've created a documentation on github and you can easily install by simply using npm (npm i qliksense-api --save)

You can checkout the github repository https://github.com/qmoni/qliksense-api

You are also welcome to contribuite and open issues!

Hope you can use it!



This is something that can be very useful ill try to work and implement it if possible.

thank you for this wrapper.

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