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Steps to Change : Qlik Sense - Billions number format 'G' to 'B'

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Steps to Change : Qlik Sense - Billions number format 'G' to 'B'

*** Sorry **** Content is removed as editing the base javascript files is Support License Agreement Violation ***

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Has anyone found a soltuion for this within Qliksense?  Seems like this should be an out of the box adjustment.



Contributor III
Contributor III

This is relevant issue to me. In my case, I need to customize the automatic function in different apps:

- K thousands

- M millions

- B billions

- M thousands

- MM millions

- BN billions

- k thousands

- m millions

- b billions.

When my client asks to customize details, it's hard for me to reply that after many thousand of euro of licence for Qlik, I'm not able to do that. Please help.

The custom formatting doesn't  properly when after selecting a dimension the measure can change from order to another.

The customizing of javascript could be an escape, waiting of the an customized parameters.

Current k,M, G imposed configuration sounds like totalitarian solution for the world.



using above linked solution also works in Sense:

SET vSize = Div(Log10($1),3);

SET vFormatNumber = Dual(Num($1/Pow(10,3*$(vSize($1))),'#,##0')&' '&Pick($(vSize($1)),'K','Mil','Bil','Tril'),$1);

use either in script like

LOAD $(vFormatNumber(parameter)) as paramFormat

From YourSource;

or in front end expressions like:



hope this helps



Contributor III
Contributor III

thanks for your solution, but it works only for tables. I can't use it for Line chart.

In the charts, the input data has the same base, and the label is calculated on the input data.

I can use only the format parameters but in that case, I can only choose a fixed order, not a dynamic one.

It would be great if I can have an input for the line chart plotting and an input for the data points.

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Can you please provide a solution for this? This is very basic ask and has been ongoing for a while it seems.

Contributor III
Contributor III

It's now 6 months. It's a simple issue with a simple solution. In September 2016 was also addressed from a user. I assume that most of the Qlik Sense developers and users every day try to develop, fix, found solutions. Why are we stuck on this?

The license? What are we protecting here? A javascript was written by some unwise coder that wants to impose a "G" as "Billions" unit ruining a bright software platform that cost thousands of dollars per client.

Wikipedia for Billion: 1,000,000,000 - Wikipedia

One billion can also be written as b or bn.

Solution, please.


I completely agree with Vicio.

Kindly request to upvote this idea

Other partners and MVPs, kindly take this to your Qlik internal contacts.


Hi Vicio - here is what I explained to Daniel:

From the product’s team:

“It is ”as designed” for now. The issue is that B means different things depending on what culture you are in. To me a B is actually 100 times as large as yours.”  We have created a task to make abbreviations part of the load script instead. All that’s needed now is to get it into the roadmap which takes some time. For now all you can do is to make a custom number format and for example divide the value by a billion and put in B in the custom number formatting. “

“The solution suggested by Marco Wedel is in fact not a bad one (although very technical…):

Define these two variables in the script:

SET vSize = Div(Log10($1),3);

SET vFormatNumber = Dual(Num($1/Pow(10,3*$(vSize($1))),'#,##0')&' '&Pick($(vSize($1)),'K','Mil','Bil','Tril'),$1);

The second statement contains the customized codes for thousands (K), millions (Mil), billions (Bil) and trillions (Tril). Then you can – in the UI – format any number by using the vFormatNumber.

For example, if you want to format Sum(Sales)

You need to write $(vFormatNumber(Sum(Sales)))

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Michael Tarallo (@mtarallo) | Twitter


Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks, Michael (my qlik mentor),

as I already commented before, the solution provided is working only for the tables, and it's not working for values shown in the chart.

In that case, the Dimension must be a scalar number, and there is no transformation for the label of the values in the chart.

I can agree that "B" could be ambiguous, but I'm practically sure that "G" is uncommon. My Qlik Sense works with 17 countries, 14 currencies and 9 languages and "G" is a mistake for all. Even with the new script, you should consider to remove the "G" from the default configuration. "G" is a nerdy output of a lost wild programmers (I'm a programmer too) that was thinking to "Giga, Gigabyte". But you know probably that nerds go for open-source free software, most of Qlik sense users are in the "money" business, finance, retail, sales (real word metrics with "Billion", "B").

I would like to be part of the beta test group to give any feedback for the new coming solution. I can probably get an earlier solution to this issue that is urgent for me, and we could avoid a new "G" mistake that could affect the platform later. You have the chance to listen to your audience and amend Qlik Sense from the weird "G". 🙂

I'm just trying to help with reliable and actionable feedback.


Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 08.55.14.png


Hi Vicio - thank you and your feedback is valued.



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