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QMC Utilities Source Control Assistant - doesn't support master visualizations



I am testing out the Source Control Assistant, which first off is an awesome tool, as an app mostly will restore to it's original state after being stored in .json format. 

However, master visualizations are not restored, and I've been digging a bit into why this is. First off, the tool uses the node utility serializeapp (https://github.com/mindspank/serializeapp) to convert the app objects into .json format. I'm no JS wiz so I don't really understand whether this actually saves what is required to  restore master visualizations, but from what I can see it does (it is stored as masterobjects.json in the backuped file).

Hence it seems that the missing functionality might lie in the Source Control Assistants, as it doesn't successfully recreate the master objects (visualizations) when restoring backed up files.  


Does anyone with a bit more insight into the project have an idea of whether this is fixable? 


Update: I found that visualizations (master objects) are not imported into the restored app.  It started working by adding these lines to the file restoreApp.js in the folder C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\EAPowerTools\QMCUtilities\plugins\scLite\lib (starting on row 88):

logger.info("Adding masterobjects to " + x.appId, {module:'restoreApp'});
var masterobjects = loadFile(inputPath + "/masterobjects.json");
return importAppObjects(x, masterobjects.masterobjects);
logger.info(masterobjectIDs, {module:'restoreApp'});
x.ids.push({"type":"masterobject","ids": masterobjectIDs});

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Thank you for posting this. The code snippet you provided fixed that issue for me.


Does anybody know if these tools are getting any development attention? I am often questioned by clients looking for an effective SC solution for Qlik and the QMC Utilities are a reasonable solution but I fear the eventual obsolescence of the code.