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iportal - Installation Issue - APRIL 2018

Hi Guys,

I was able to Installed and configured the iportal on  one of the Qlik Server  successfully  with APRIL 2018 version.

Qlik Sense is installed on C drive in this Server.

Now i am trying to Install and Configure the iportal on other Qlik Server with same Version i am getting the below error.

Qlik Sense is installed on D drive in this Server.

Find the Attached Document for steps which i have followed and the issue. @Jesse Paris @jog


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Re: iportal - Installation Issue - APRIL 2018

The issue is step 5. You are specifying the wrong path.

Pretty sure for you this should be D:\QlikSense\EaPowertools\iportal

Not currently in a position to check (on mobile), but if this doesn't work let me know and I'll have a proper look