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Allocating Access Passes Information Guide


Allocating Access Passes Information Guide

This document is designed to help you get started quickly when assigning initial user access passes to the Qlik® Sense platform. It is assumed you have already activated your license with the appropriate number of tokens assigned to it. Information in this document also addresses those that have installed Qlik Sense on a single standalone environment with all default settings. This document also has some important information on the role security and user accounts play in a default out-of-the-box installation. Note that this guide is not meant to replace the Help documentation. For more detailed information on this and other Qlik Sense topics please visit the Qlik Help Site at http://help.qlik.com. This topic can be found by navigating: Deploying Qlik Sense > Deploying Qlik Sense > Setting up your Qlik Sense site > Managing user access.

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Nice. Good document talk about license in Qlik Sense.


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Thanks! This is helpful

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Good helpful document!


I need many users (around 20) to view the visualizations on a frequent basis (multiple times a day).

Is there a way to allow access for users to only view the visualizations with no token allocation?

I read the whole document, and it seems that the only options are to give user permission (1 token) or login permission (10 times x 1 hour login = 1 token).

Is there an alternative that can support my need?

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Thanks! Helpful document.

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Thanks, Michael!

I thought to add a bit of advice for anyone following your document.

When you use the "Quick Trick to get local users into Qlik Sense" (page 5 on the PDF) and then allocate a license to that user. If the user will try to log in immediately after his first try, he/she will probably fail with an error of 'No access path'.

No worries, nothing is wrong ...

I spent quite of time to figure this out...so I thought to save others the frustration ...

The reason is that according to Qlik help (September 2018) "When a user...ends a connection (for example, by logging out) ...five minutes must pass before the user can use the access pass to add another connection (for example, by logging in)."

So after allocating a license to the user, just wait for 5 minutes before asking the user to log in.



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