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Backup Central Node 1 and Restore to Central Node 2 with a different name.


Backup Central Node 1 and Restore to Central Node 2 with a different name.

Backing up and Restoring a Qlik Sense site is probably one of the most trivial and daily jobs a Qlik Sense Administrator will have to go through. At the same time, it is also one of the most important ones as well Not taking a backup of an environment means that the environment and its contents are not important.

There are several articles written, offering various approaches to how to automate or streamline backups and restores. One of them can be found in the Qlik Sense Site.


What I came across the other day that gave me a total headache is backing up a Central Node (to make things simple) and restoring the content on a different Central Node. So what I wanted to do is take a backup from CN1 with Server Name “QlikSense1” and restore it on CN2 with Server Name “Server2”. My approach was to backup and restore everything except from the certificates which would use a different Server Name (I was using the self-signed Qlik Sense certificates). After restoring the content, the services were brought up normally, but both the QMC as well as the HUB were not reachable.

There is a minor detail which needs to be manually modified in order to make this work. That detail is a reference to the Server Name in the PostgreSQL repository database. Restoring the backup, also restores the “QlikSense1” server name which needs to be modified, since it creates a major inconsistency which breaks everything.

The attached document outlines the process of updating the Server Name.


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Great article ! thanks Gerasimos. I ran into this issue yesterday ... and yes, as you mentioned it creates an inconsistency which breaks everything


Great guide, much better than the Qlik help to 'update the PostgreSQL'

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