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CA 2.qvw

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CA 2.qvw

Just wondering if anybody can help me i am having trouble with drawing this Bar Chart.

What i am trying to get is the sum of the figures for income beside the sum of the figures for claims for each month and a trendline which shows the sum of claims/sum of income above. I have figured out how to get the months on the x axis.

If anybody could help it?


Hi, you don't create a forum question, this is a document. If this were a question we can upload a response doc and other useful options.

If this helps you can remove your Type dimension and set this expressions:

Type: Count ({<Type={'Claims'}>} Type)

Amount: Sum ({<Type={'Claims'}>}Amount)

%: Sum ({<Type={'Claims'}>}Amount)/Count ({<Type={'Claims'}>}Type)

Also this was the Sense forum, QlikView and Qlik Sense are different products, will be better to put this question in QlikView forum

I think I undestand it better now, remove Type dimension and use this expressions:

Claims: Sum ({<Type={'Claims'}>} Amount)

Income: Sum ({<Type={'Income'}>}Amount)

%: Sum ({<Type={'Claims'}>} Amount)/Sum ({<Type={'Income'}>}Amount)

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Sorry first post here i will know in future on how to post on the forum. This was a great help thank you for your help.

No worries , this link may help you to create new questions:

Qlik Community Tip: Posting Successful Discussion Threads

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