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Collaboration with Qlik Sense


Collaboration with Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense creates a collaborative community around data, ensuring that everyone benefits from, and is able to contribute, to the collective wisdom of the organization. Watch this video to learn how this is done with Qlik Sense.

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What happens to the sheets, bookmark that a user creates and publishes using the QS Hub for their personal or for the community in the stream once that App is changed by the developer? Will they lose these sheets becuase the objects in the original app have been changed or updated?

Looking forward to your response.




Hello Tony,

No - objects become part of the user's identity linked to the app. They become separate objects. If you would like to elaborate more on this topics, let's move this to the forums / discussion sections that way we can have more people chime in. I will also run a test scenario and verify the results.


Mike T



Hi Michael,

I have a number of clients not understanding why their sheets or bookmarks

go missing after the app is updated or modified by the developer. The user

of course in not the original author of the app but is using it to create

sheets. Once the author republishes the app with changes or updates, users

can no longer see their prior sheets. What they do now is the author will

republish as version 2 so they can still have their sheets because its tied

to the original app version 1. This is starting to become a pain as users

want to work with the latest version of the app with all their private

sheets attached if the app is updated.

Many are asking if this has been resolved in QS 3.0?

Please let me know how you make out on the testing and we can move forward

with posting it on the community forum...

Thanks for the quick response,


Best Regards,

Tony Iantorno


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On Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 2:45 PM, Michael Tarallo <qcwebmaster@qlikview.com>

New Contributor

Any updates Tony/Michael?  This is a challenge we are now seeing


Hi Matt - I will send to support and find out - if you have access to the support portal please also reference this link with your comment.

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Hi Mike,

Is it possible, does the request come up, to be able to organize one's "Work" area?
It is great to be able to use the Streams as demonstrated in the video, but in the "Work" section everything tends to become a big pile of apps.
What is the best practice of organizing a bunch of apps during development (with various versions)?

Can the user create folders in the "Work" area and/or use a repository (github)?

Please share if there's a video/discussion that answers this already.

Thanks for all the great support.


I agree - I wish I could create some "sub-folders" - I am not sure about this - I will have to inquire.


Sub folders would be great!

New Contributor

Hi everyone,

i was facing the same problem in my organisation, the solution was to build an http client that use the QRS API to update the app in the hub, using the replace endpoint, this endpoint make the necessary updates to the original sheets, and keep the users personal sheets.


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