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Generating Certificate Signing Requests for Trusted Certificates

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Generating Certificate Signing Requests for Trusted Certificates

This document walks through the steps:

  • Generating a certificate signing request (CSR)
  • Applying a private key to a certificate generated from a trusted CA using the CSR
  • Importing the certificate to a Qlik Sense Server
  • Apply the certificate thumbprint to the Qlik Sense proxy.
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Thanks for an amazing article. I am having problems for Qlik to recognize the new certificate I have applied all the steps and yet it doesn't take the newly generated certificate. Any ideas?

Your help is really appreciated!

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Are you sure the cert is being added?  You can review the proxy security log inside the programdata\qlik\sense\logs\proxy\trace folder.  It will tell you if the cert is being used.

Remember, 3rd party certificates need to have private key attached, be added to the local machine store, and have a proper certification path (i.e. all root and intermediate certs are present and in the proper folders in the local machine store.)

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Thanks Jeff for your response. Well actually I have successfully added the certificate; however, I am facing a different issue and wishing for your kind help. The SSL certificate is shown when a full domain is used (i. e. Https://Servername.domain/hub) but if the server name is only used the warning pops up. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot advance!

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Hi, the link in the document is not working:



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Hi, the link is not working. https://slproweb.com/download/Win64OpenSSL-1_0_2e.exe thank you

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the "e" version is not available anymore, try this one:

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What changes should I have if I need to obtain the certificate from Verisign?

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Could you please look into the thread Error while generating CSR and provide your inputs? I am getting error while generating CSR.

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