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I meant to create this documentation at later time, or at least after I am done with the project (SSO authentication is just a part of it). But since I am receiving emails from folks inquiring how I finally sorted out the problem I posted in this thread https://community.qlik.com/thread/175295 ‌ in the community, I decided to go ahead and develop a brief documentation of my implementation.

The documentation assumes that you have read and followed Qlik documentation SAML authentication.

I hope this paper helps one way or another. Have a good day.


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Hi eric,

thank you very much for this article which is very interesting. I'm not an expert on Authentication, maybe my question will be stupid

When usin SAML authentication, we don't have to add users in Qlik Sense, like we do when creating a UDC ?

Best regards.


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Hi Johann,

No you don't. With SAML authentication your users will be automatically imported to Qlik Sense once they are authenticated. This is ideal when you have your users stored in an identity provider like Google and you want them to use their Google credentials in logging in to Qlik Sense.

I have no experience with UDC but I believe it only allows you to import users attribute to Qlik Sense but not authenticate. Once imported you would then update the security rules to provide your users access to resources and objects.

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i have a question. I want first name and last name to be added SAML attributes. This is possible right?

I followed your steps (without lastname etc) and it works fine.

But now i want to added firstname and lastname as soon as someone logins in.

So;in QMC i got to SAML attribute mapping and i fill in there:

firstname, firstname

lastname, lastname

then in Google Apps, i fill in @ Attribute mapping:

firstname, basis information, First Name

lastname, basis information, Last Name

But when i go now to users in QMC .. i don't see First or Lastname in the user information. What did i do wrong?

Thanks in advanced

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SAML attributes are stored in user.environment.[attribute name]. The attribute(s) are only kept for the user session and are not stored in the repository, therefore it is not possible to see those in the user information in QMC.

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