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Incremental data of QVD

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Incremental data of QVD


I have created on QVD file in Report 1 REPORT1.QVD

Report 1 is having two parts

First one is Initial load and after that Incremental which will run with some interval time.

I will load the REPORT1.QVD in another report REPORT 2.

Incremental data is not populating into report

If the QVD From first report we are getting the incremental data, where it will load latest data in REPORT 2 as well


If I understand you correctly you are first loadiug REPORT1.QVD into a table that you cal [Report1]. Then you add more data to that table.

After that you need to store your table [Report1] into the QVD file.

     store [Report1] into REPORT1.QVD (qvd);

That would overwrite your QVD. After that you could load it into your "REPORT 2" application.

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I have created First Report Report1 and QVD also (Report1.QVD),it has 100 records assume

After that I have created Report2 using Report1.QVD.

it has 100 records as is of Report1.QVD

Assume that Report1 is executed for every 1hr and QVD is updated if there is any new data is there it will added to the Report1.QVD

Assume there is 10 records added in the Report1.QVD


Now the latest data also Needs to be get in Reprt2 as well, how can I get?

Report2 will it reloads the new data automatically or do we need to reload the data every time after the report1.qvd is updated.


Report2 has to be reloaded to get the updated values from Report1.qvd.

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