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Map Backgrounds in Qlik Sense

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Map Backgrounds in Qlik Sense

Here is a basic overview of what the different map backgrounds look like in Qlik Sense.

This was a relatively easy exercise but I thought I'd share since I'm sure I'm not the only person to need to do this.

It would be great to see these maps more seamlessly integrated in the future versions - just a drop down where a user selects the background and the map attribution is automatically applied.


This information is available as a live link from the Map chart properties (Background) dialog. Might it be better to use the live link to get the latest info instead of posting a static listing?

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I was expecting this sort of reply. I don't like to post static information, but the point is that one needs to follow a link, copy/paste each link into the dialogue, navigate away from the dialogue box for the map background to refresh. It's not a user friendly experience.

Looking through these quick snippets one can see the general design of each of the sources and save themselves some effort.

As a side point, do you know why some of the sources have multiple links? I didn't see a significant difference in the maps coming from the same source - quality, design, or zoomability.

I see it is useful that you've posted the example pictures. Those aren't available in the online help.

No, I don't know what the multiple links are for. Thanks for the post.

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Thanks for the valuable information Quan.

Good to know about why to configure links to multiple tile servers (for future reference).

In general, without getting into the weeds of map policies and implementation techniques, I think a simple piece of feedback is that implementing maps in Sense does still require some developer aptitude. As Sense is marketed as "BI for the every man" there is some room for improvement to take away the multiple steps required to implement mapping in Sense.

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An update on multiple links.

It may be that for some installations (depending where you are) one tile server will respond faster than another, thus links to multiple tile servers are provided.

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How can I get a link from a png image in Open Street Map? I try download the image, but local links aren't working.


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