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Open letter to non-qlikie

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Open letter to non-qlikie

Dear non-qlikie,

     You are using different analytic tools and don't want to waste time  on another one, but I want to convince you that

it's still place for Qlik Sense Desktop on your data tools list.

     I don't want to talk about visualizations, dashboards, ease of filtering whole data model, saving selections state, ease of creating widgets with HTML and CSS, variety of extensions and so on - You've seen it on presentations. There is one more thing: Qlik Sense Desktop is a great data transformation tool. Here's why:

  1. It can extract several dozens of million rows from different sources and cope with  them fluently on average PC thanks to its efficient in-memory engine.
  2. Then it can transform it fast and stable.
  3. Then it can store it in CSV or it's super-compressed file format.


Here's my little list of examples why it's worth to try:

  • Have you ever write VBA code to transform big cross table into a straight one and wait lasting minutes hoping that this time Excel will not crash? In Qlik it's one function and it's done. Other way: straight table to cross table - one function as well. Super-fast.
  • Have you ever need to concatenate hundreds of files with the same structure? In Qlik it as easy as write '*' instead of a file name. Actually that's the way we're doing it.
  • Have you ever went out of disc space because of your big CVS files? Go for QVD - you'll be surprised with compression factor.
  • Have you ever wanted to reuse data transformation you made for different dashboard but couldn't do that because there were no script - only clickable workflow? In Qlik you can load sophisticated data model without a single code line, still having the possibility to go into underlying script.
  • Have you ever wanted to add dimensions from other files to this big CSV you use for machine learning? Few lines and Qlik will do that before R would even load the first file. Then you can run R code that is using this data -  right from Qlik script.
  • Do you prefer to use your SQL skills over learning something completely new? Basic Qlik scripting is similar to SQL and you can connect smoothly SQL queries with Qlik transformations in one script.

And all of this and more for free. Nothing to add.

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