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Publicly available maps!


Publicly available maps!

Hey everyone!

I just recently came across this gem of a resource that provides links to external publicly available mapping information (see attached catalog). This is a great resource when you're looking to add a geospatial view into your dashboards to help it really resonate with the users of your app.

The catalog contains a listing of both secured and publicly available maps.

 Here’s one way to use it:

  1. Go to Access Constraints (Column I) and filter on “None (Public Domain Information)”
  2. Go to Layer (Column D) and find a specific map layer (of course you can filter on other columns to narrow your search)
  3. Cut and paste the URL from Open URL (Column M) into a browser. This will provide a web site where you can either download the map in various forms (spreadsheet, KML, shapefile, etc) or use an API to render the map through a web service


In general, this site (https://hifld-geoplatform.opendata.arcgis.com) looks like a great resource just by itself that you can use to search for specific categories of mapping data sets.

Now get out there and build some sweet Qlik maps!!





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