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Qlik Sense - Attaching local data files


Qlik Sense - Attaching local data files

In this video I present the new user data upload feature available in Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Sense Cloud:

  • Users can upload data files to the Qlik Sense Server for analysis.
  • Up to 50MB of data can be directly attached. (data files and images)
  • Because data files are directly attached to apps (.qvf)
    • Exported / migrated apps retain source data.
    • App can be reloaded or augmented with new data
      without the need for original source files.
  • No longer need direct access to server file system.
  • Full self-service experience using Qlik Sense Enterprise and Cloud.

Note: In order to view this in full screen and a higher resolution, it may be necessary to view this video on the YouTube site. Click the YouTube logo in the bottom right of the embedded player. You will now have additional settings to adjust the video.

New Contributor III

As usual, great stuff Michael

Now THE question! How can you refresh this attached file with new data? Simply reimport under same name and it will replace?


Hi Christophe  - thank you!

That is correct, here is what it shows in the interface:

For your reference - Shhhhh - I am only telling you - the file when uploaded becomes part of the app content and it is located on the server file system here:


as in:

So technically, replacing the file in this location and reloading - will also work - but that is not something a business user would be doing. BUT lets you know a bit how it works.

Hope you are enjoying Qlik Sense.


Mike T


New Contributor III

Thanks Mike

I DO enjoy Sense. It is becoming a game changer in my company and helps me showing what BI can do for a multi billion company

Keep up the good stuff!


New Contributor II


Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe currently only the actual owner of the app can acces the data manager and thus use this feature? This feature would be really powerfull if I could allow multiple users to actually enrich the data in the dashboard. As of now I believe this is impossible, since only one user at a time can be the owner of an app.

Is there a solution to this problem? Or am I missing something obvious? I would love to know, since several clients have requested such functionality, but currently it is not quite there...

Valued Contributor II

Is it possible to change the maximum size of an upload file (actual it is 50MB) by a security rules?



Hi Martin - let me find out for you.



Is the 50MB limitation for file upload is still present in v3 of Sense Server?


Hello Sebastien - Yes I believe so - I have a question out to the products team.


Hi Michael,

Thank you for your confirmation.

Indeed, I found your answer on this post: https://community.qlik.com/message/1106110#1106110



No problem, - however we should allow some configuration to increase or decrease this file size. Once I hear back from the products team - I'll update this post.

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