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Qlik Sense Cloud - 3 Ways to Share (video)


Qlik Sense Cloud - 3 Ways to Share (video)

This video will show you 3 ways you can share content created in Qlik Sense Cloud.

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Hi mto, is there any other way to share a dashboard with a customer/end user in the latest Qlik Sense versions ?


Hi Rodrigo - Qlik Sense Enterprise offers a few ways via the APIs and anonymous access. Would you mind elaborating a bit on what you are looking for?

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I have a similar question to Rgespana above about other ways to share dashboards (Apps?). In the past, I have used Tableau. In that platform, I could create a single "Viz" (similar to an App) with a single set of data. But I could control which data an individual with access to the Viz could see by setting permiossions for it. For instance, if I had sales data across a number of product categories and across time periods, and it included the sales rep associated with each sale, I could create a VIZ that permitted the sales rep to see the VIZ with only his or her data. So if I graphed sales by category over time, the Rep would see only the Sales where the rep was associated. In this new case I am assessing for QLIK, I want customers to be able to review performance data I put into an App, but I want to restrict them to seeig only their own data. I thought Qlik sense Cloud would allow me to do this, but this is not described in your video. My intent was to start this with a few clients, and eventually build this into a larger group of users. I am a small consulting business, and will not be using the large enterprise version. Is this capability going to be available to me in Qlik?
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BuzzB, check out the Section Access feature to see if that might help. https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/November2018/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Sense_Hub/Scripting/Security/m...
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