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Qlik Sense - Community Quick Tip - Using Mockaroo to Generate Sample Data (video)


Qlik Sense - Community Quick Tip - Using Mockaroo to Generate Sample Data (video)

The Qlik Community is loaded with knowledgeable individuals whom are both passionate about QlikView and ...as we have seen in such a short time period, Sense. Working with the community is a fantastic way to share ideas, ask questions and even get support for particular business analysis type questions. Those questions usually have underlying data associated with them and at times is may be necessary to provide the data in order to prove out a certain business case or data analysis scenario. If the data is sensitive, you probably won't send your data along in the discussion thread for others to see, but that may make it difficult for others to provide a solution due to the differences in data structures. You may need to generate sample and test data to support your development, but may not have it readily available and it may be too big to send or not in a shareable format.

Here is where Mockaroo can help. Mockaroo provides a free service for generating random sample data that can be customized to emulate your table design and data needs. The data can be mocked up and exported to a number of formats and even accessed directly over the web as a web service. Making it easy to share it with others who can help you with Sense or QlikView using the Web File connection method.

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Take a look at this brief video to see how you can use Mockaroo to generate some sample data and use it directly within in Qlik Sense:

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Thanks for sharing -- I can also see myself using it for prototyping as well!


Hi Micheal,

Is there any way to insure data consistency, while loading multiple tables from Mockaroo to a Qlik App?

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Hi Micheal,



Hi Rodrigue,

Not sure what you mean by data consistency - I wold just treat this as a simple / sample data tool to test apps. If you mean for example, creating tables - with consistent values - so you can associate them in your testing - then yes - you can use the advanced data type o formula to create a value with consistent results based on other values. OR you can use the Custom List Data type to create your own consistent values that will always be as you define them. There are  many Data Types you can define that can achieve this.


Mike T

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