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Qlik Sense Deployment and Administration Best Practices and Technical Information


Qlik Sense Deployment and Administration Best Practices and Technical Information

This page highlights best practices and technical documentation related to Qlik Sense Deployment and Administration.

First, are you new to Qlik Sense?  Make sure to review these great videos by Qlik's Michael Tarallo ( mto‌)

New to Qlik Sense Enterprise Server Videos‌.  The materials below build on many of these key concepts.

Security Rules

Security Rules Optimization - Understand some basic best practices when creating security rules. 

Creating Team administrators in Qlik Sense - Learn how to set up the QMC for team based administration where designated administrators within a department can administer their department's applications.

Video Link : 3762Learn how to leverage Qlik Sense best practices and the security rules engine to effectively manage application access.  In this video are a number of techniques that make stream management effective and efficient.  Please ensure you understand these Best Practices before deploying Qlik Sense.

Server Architecture

This diagram depicts the ports that are required for Qlik Sense standard deployment models.

Qlik Sense 2.X Ports

This technical how to describes how load balancing is configred with F5 Networks - BIG-IP.

Configuring BIG-IP LTM VE for Qlik Sense Load Balanced Cluster


Video Link : 3900

A series of videos to jumpstart Qlik Sense configuration.

Generating Certificate Signing Requests for Trusted Certificates

A document for creating and obtaining certificates from trusted certificate authorities for use with Qlik Sense server products.

Qlik Sense Best Practice: User Directory Connectors - Understand some basic best practice when connecting to directory services with Qlik Sense.

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