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Qlik Sense - Dimension Grouping (video)


Qlik Sense - Dimension Grouping (video)

Sometimes it may be necessary to create a new group value consisting of existing values from your data. It may be such where it is not necessary to have this new "dimension" as part of the organizations operational data and may be perhaps temporary.

This technique allows you to consolidate user defined values under a user defined group value that you want to use in your analysis and possibly reuse in a Sense app.

For example, if your company is running a promotion on certain products under a particular manufacturer, you might want to group those manufacturer-like products under a single manufacturer group value to see how they compare with other manufacturers.

  • Create a new dimension in the master items in the Sense app
  • Use the following expression for that dimension:

    • if(wildmatch(PRODNAME,'*Sony*'),'Sony',



      8-11-2014 1-23-46 PM.jpg

Watch this video and see attached files to learn more:

Valued Contributor

Hi Michael,

You can use Pick, instead of nested if.

Something like this




And I think it' easier to understand and handle in case of more then 3 manufacturers.





Contributor III

hi, im sorry but i am not very impressed,

i mean the tutorial is done professionally  and it looks good but come on,

we had to do things like that in old qlikview all the time, i was hoping in this new installment of "self service" to have something more, some kind of wizard where even the end user would be able to create such  groups on the fly. i thought the whole idea of qlik sense was to eliminate the need to use tricks and expressions by a developer but instead unleash the power into the end user. this is not it i'm afraid.



Hi Daniel - thanks for your comment. We appreciate your input and I can understand where you are coming from with respect to "self-service". However, this is just the first release of Qlik Sense with many more planned improvements in this and other areas. Note at the same time, it is also "this" ability (script syntax) that makes the Qlik products very powerful. In addition - the licensed version of the Qlik Sense product (server) is completely web based, so the exact same development experience you see in the free version of Desktop is available within an HTML5 compliant browser from both computers and mobile devices. (so in actuality - you could not do this specific task in QlikView per se) - If you check out the Drill-down Dimension Group video - you will see a similar wizard that allows you to create reusable drill-down dimensions, - just as a reference for you.

Keep your comments coming and open up discussion threads in the appropriate forums. We appreciate your feedback.


Mike Tarallo


Not applicable

Hi Michael,

I am new to the Qlik community, but I have already found your articles very useful. It is important to note that I am using Qlik Sense (not Qlik View). Moreover, I think that Qlik Sense is missing so many basic statistics features right now - the tool can basically be used for descriptive statistics only. Moreover, I would appreciate if you answered two questions:

1. Is it possible to use similar approach to Dimension grouping to create a histogram within the end-user UI?  I know that it is possible to create histogram by defining bins in the import script, but that is such a bad way for a simple end-user creating histograms.

2. Does Qlik Sense has any plan to add an easy-to-use UI interface (I am not talking about import scripts) for creating such things as histograms (this is a must for any business), Trend lines, Standard deviation, some forecast functions and ideally some statistical mean comparison tests?

Thanks and I am looking forward to hearing form you soon!

Best regards,



Hello John, thank for your comment and for this information. I have informed our products team appropriately. I expect an answer to this shortly, if not to you from them, directly in this post.

Kind Regards,

Mike T

Not applicable

Hi John,

Today Histograms can be created by using the Class() function as a calculated dimension and the Count() function as a measure. E.g.:

Dimension: "=Class(LINEPRICE,5000)"

Measure: "Count(ORDER_NUM)"

That being said, the functionality to offer out of the box histograms, trendlines, and forecasts is on the roadmap.



Not applicable

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the answer. I am really, really looking forward to out of the box histograms, trendlines, and forecasts in the future! I think these features will really add value to Qlik Sense.



Not applicable

Hi ,

Does this work on Direct Discovery too?

I tried this but it doesnt work



New Contributor III

Hi Mike,

Was wondering what I am doing wrong that I get Error in Expression.

here's my expression:

if(WildMatch(Location Description, 'B.B. Upper West Side'), 'West Side',

if(Wildmatch(Location Description, 'B.B. Lower Manhattan'), 'Manhattan',

if(Wildmatch(Location Description, 'B.B. Brooklyn'), 'Brooklyn')))

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