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Qlik Sense - Export to PowerPoint (video)


Qlik Sense - Export to PowerPoint (video)

Learn how to export your Data Stories to Microsoft PowerPoint. Users can generate insights and share them with people outside the boundaries of the system, spreading more value and driving adoption.

NOTE: I have noticed a sporadic issue when using Firefox the PPT processing does not complete and the processing animation just continues to circle. If you witness this, clear your history (cache / cookies) and try it again, it should work. Also if you can try Chrome, it should work consistently. I have reported this to our products team, but I am unsure if it is a browser issue or product issue.

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What's embedded sheets?


Hello Keren,

Embedded sheets are the actual dashboard sheets you create in the main desiner interface. You can embed them into a Data story:

Using data storytelling - YouTube - see at this point 1:30 : Using data storytelling - YouTube


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I remmembered

I am not using data story telling at all

its about time

New Contributor

Hello Michael,

Hope you are doing very well.

I haven't been able to donwload the data story to a PPT. It takes ages to the link to appear in the screen to download to a PPT.

Any idea why?

Thanks, Luis



Hey Luis - - I think I may know what it is, as I experienced this too.

Are you using FireFox, I will guess and say yes, as I experienced this with FireFox only. Can you try it with Chrome or another browser and note the behavior?

In FireFox - clear your history (cache / cookies) and try again - it should work.

I reported this issue and hopefully they will have it addressed in a service release. It may not be the actual product, but something with the browser (FireFox)

let me know how you do.


New Contributor

Hey Michael,

Many thanks for your prompt response!

I am not using FireFox; I use IE and Chrome. Cleared history for both; local user/.../local/temp and Qlik/Sense/Exports directories content. ... but still experiencing the issue.

I installed FireFox and does not bring the initial page to access qlik sense (still investigating the issue).

Thanks again for your support and help.


Contributor III

I have the same issue with in Qlik Sense Desktop browser itself. As soon as i got more than 1 sheet in my story it will load for ages.

Another thing i wanted to ask, is it possible to generate the ppt-file with a template selected in PPT, or do i have to find a way to set this in Qlik SD?

Kind Regards



Hi Chris,

I have informed the appropriate product teams. As for the template, not at the moment. The template would need to be applied afterward.



New Contributor

Exporting to Powerpoint works for me but I end up with white sheets. Don't know what I'm doing wrong! People in another thread were saing that it won't work until the next release in 2016.

Valued Contributor II

I'm have same problem in Qlik Sense 2.1.1 and 2.2.3. export end up woth white sheets. Or show error message

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