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Qlik Sense - Pivot Table Extension

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Qlik Sense - Pivot Table Extension

Here I am sharing my last extension for QlikSense: JSPivotTable.

This extension is built using Nicolas Kruchten’s pivot table found here.

I have integrated into QlikSense to work in two different modes, dynamic and static:

     Static mode: The fields and their positions are selected in edit mode, and it is not possible to change it when in visualization mode.


     Dynamic mode: It allows the user to change the initial layout of rows and columns in visualization mode:



  1. Unzip the JSPivotTable.zip contents into your C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions\ directory (where <user name> is your personal user name on Windows)
  2. Open Qlik Sense and create a new visualization app or edit an existing one.
  3. Edit a sheet to include the JSPivotTable object which should now be available in your list of chart types.
  4. When in edit mode, in the Appearance tab you have a group of properties called Pivot Table where you can customize the object:



Juan Gerardo

Valued Contributor II

good feature end User can make the layout changes



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This is brilliant, and it almost does what I need - the sort order however, when sorting on multiple dimensions, doesn't seem to change anything.

I've tried alphabetical, numerical, and also by expression, but it always seems to default to Ascending for both - I need Descending.

Aside from that - this is perfect and should be in Sense by default.

Honored Contributor II

Agree with Graeme this is excellent except for the Sorting bug.  Look forward to seeing a fix to it soon.

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Hi Graeme,

     Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I have also noticed this behaviour. This pivot table has its own order criteria, and I will investigate if there is any way to map the sorting properties in QlikSense with the ones in the extension. If not possible, I will remove the Sorting tab from the properties to avoid confusion.

     I will keep you posted.

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Thanks Juan..

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Works Great Juan! Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks Juan for this very helpfull extension for pivot tables.

I didn't found a way to define colors and ranges for heatmaps. 

I hope we'll have this possibility in next versions.

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Hi Juan

Any news on the sort issue ?

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Hi Graeme, I have started, but I have not much time at this moment.

i will keep you informed if any progress.

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Thanks Juan

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