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Qlik Sense Platform - (Server) Installation (video)


Qlik Sense Platform - (Server) Installation (video)

This 10 min video will walk you through a single node installation of the Qlik Sense platform, also referred to as the Qlik Sense server. Note that though the installation is fairly simple, there is additional knowledge included that is beneficial to understanding the Qlik Sense environment.

Qlik Sense Quick Installation Guide

NOTICE: Before installing, make sure that no other services are using port 443 or 80 - when performing this installation. That includes communication software like SKYPE which is known to use these ports at times. You can disable this in Skype by going to: Tools > Options > Advanced > Connection and unchecking the box that says use port 80 and 443. If this software is running or grabs the port before the Qlik Sense Services start, you will get an SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when attempting to log into the Qlik Management Console.

Note: It may be necessary to view this video from the YouTube site, in order to access the full screen and resolution controls. Simply click the YouTube logo found in the bottom right of the player. Controls in the embedded player vary per browser.

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Hi Mike,

Great video!  Can you please post "Qlik Sense Platform - Quick Install Guide" document referenced in this video? I could not find it in the products Downloads section on Sense tab.

Thank you,



Hi Alex - you can get it all here - if you have Customer / Partner credentials:



Sense Error.pngHi

- I'm trying to install the server. All services started and the site is trusted one. But still I get the error as below. Any help is greatly appreciated. After 'Finish' I couldn't see any QMC start page




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Great and useful video Michael !




Hi Sasidhar -

I just saw this comment - if you are still having an issue - pleas post in the regular forum section so we can assist you immediately.


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Whats mean this error?



Hi Michele - We can help you - please doe me a quick favor and open the discussion thread in this location:

Qlik Sense - Installation, Deployment & Management

Someone will respond to you shortly.


Contributor III

Hi Michael and thanks for the video.

I am pretty new to Qlik Sense installation process and I would like to know which ports need to be open on a firewall in order to be able to complete the installation and, moreover, the first configuration procedure. As far as I learned from the Quick Intallation Guide, port 443 should be enough, am I right?

In addition, which ports need to be open in order to let the users use the system, i.e. accessing their hub or the MC in case of administrators? 443 and 4244 (or 80 and 4248 in case we decide to allow HTTP connections)? If I understood correctly, these ports have to be "free", not used by other applications, unless we modify Qlik Sense Server Proxy settings, right?

Thanks in advance for the support.


All my questions refer to a single node scenario.


Hello Alberto - thanks for your question. You are correct - if you are NOT enabling HTTP on the Qlik Sense Proxy - then 443 should be enough for external client communication through a browser for the hub and the QMC.

However - check out this help document just for additional information, Qlik Sense Ports

Note - if you are using Qlik Sense Server and have purchased tokens, I assume you have a support contract as well. So please take advantage of that too if need be. I monitor the forums on a regular basis and am happy to help.

Also - Please post additional questions into this forum, Qlik Sense - Installation, Deployment & Management it will ensure that myself and others will see it and be able to assist you quickly if needed.

Kind Regards,

Mike T



Hi Michael,

Thanks for your video on Installation program.

One question regarding Qlik Sense Server : During installation we need to enter License key - could you please let me know from where should we get this key ?

For getting this key, do we require to purchase Qlik Sense Server from QlikTech ?

Can we get it on trial basis for few days since we are already having QlikView license ?

Our business Management team, need us to show demo on Qlik Sense capabilities through browser before taking decision. How can I achieve this ?

Please help me on this.



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