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Qlik Sense Quick Installation Guide


Qlik Sense Quick Installation Guide

Installation of the Qlik® Sense server platform is fairly simple. This guide has been designed to get you started very quickly and assumes the installation of a single Qlik Sense node environment. A single instance will include ALL the services installed in the same system. Please refer to the Qlik Help site (https://help.qlik.com/) for detailed installation and other configuration topics. This guide assumes you have already downloaded the Qlik Sense software installation executable and have placed it in an appropriate directory.

  • Make sure any existing QlikView or older beta or Qlik Sense versions have been uninstalled first
  • Make sure ports 443 or 80 are not in use - this includes those in use by Skype
  • Be patient when services are starting after installation
  • The untrusted certificate message in the browser is normal until you change the protocol or add your own trusted cert
  • Make sure you install with an id that has local administrative rights
  • You may need to add you machine address to the Websocket origin white list setting in the proxy

Usefull, but it would be nice to have a 3.0 version!

Valued Contributor



Is there an updated document for the QS 3.0.x?

Thank you.


Hi Guys - (Sadha / Camillo)

I have this on a list of items to prepare - but it is at a lower priority. When this was created it was before we had our comprehensive help site - you can find the installation here: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/3.0/Subsystems/Installation/Content/InstallationLicensing/Server-D... - however I do agree a quick guide like I created a few years back is worthy. I will attempt to move this up the list.

Thanks for your feedback.


Mike Tarallo

Valued Contributor

Thank you, Michael.


Thanks! Very usefull!

Valued Contributor III

Thanks a lot for your sharing and high quality video-contribution!

Contributor II

I've got a doubt about point 10, probably due to my almost zero-level knowledge of systems.

So my client has a WS2016 server in a virtual machine, provided by a 3rd party company. I'm trying to install Qlik Sense Server 3.1.6. What address am I allowed to write there? I guess I can't use any URL since the DNS service won't work. Am I obliged to use the default one? What if I want to use other address? (I guess I'll have to redirect it from the server I want to the server's IP, but I'm not sure about it). What if I want to access it via bare IP?

These are some of my doubts. Help, anyone?

New Contributor II

Do we have any document for the latest release of Qlik sense?

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