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Qlik Sense Security Rule List (v1.1).pdf


Qlik Sense Security Rule List (v1.1).pdf

The attachment is the document of Qlik Sense Security Rules List. (Qlik Sense 1.1)

In the document, the security rules are sorted out into three categories, such as "Read Only Security Rules" (you cannot modify these rules), "Default Security Rules - General" (rules which are most likely to need modification to meet specific requirements. Also, they are sub-categolized into "App", "App Object", "Content Library", "Data Connection" and "Stream") and "Default Security Rules - Default Administrative User Group" (these rules can be templates for defining customized administrative group). I found this style of documentation convenient to find out or explain on needed modification on security rules, so I post it here. (The rules and descriptions are copies from Qlik Sense QMC.)

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Thank you for sharing!

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Has this list changed for version 2 of the product?

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This is great, but do we have the Security Rule List for the latest Qlik Sense (I have v3.1 SR4, even if it's not the latest ) ; or can we get it via link in QMC or an API or in the help docs or somewhere?


Hi, I have uploaded the security rules list for the latest version (v3.2SR1).

Qlik Sense Security Rules List (v3.2SR1)

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ありがとう ございます!

Thank you!

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