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Qlik Sense vs Power BI, Tableau & QuickSight

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Qlik Sense vs Power BI, Tableau & QuickSight

Qlik Sense vs Power BI, Tableau & QuickSight.

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Very nice summary, please keep it updated!

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Hi Carlos

I will especially with Power BI, Sense and QuickSight . Things are changing so quickly now that in 6 months all will likely be quite different products. For example Qlik Sense 3.1 SR 2 has significantly improved the color options. If SENSE complete this process soon (say release 3.2) Qlik Sense will jump in front of Power BI in the one area that Power BI are in front at present. I have explained this change here

Qlik Sense 3.1 service release 2 New features

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Very useful thank you.

The thing I am most interested in in the coming months, is how PBI is integrated into the reporting stack. I've only heard things third hand but if people with say Enterprise licensing end up getting it for free, then Qlik could be in trouble.

Oh here is the detail Revamped SSRS has a Promising Future with Power BI

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Very interesting write-up and comparison. 

But, here's the big question that I didn't see from reading it over:  What about the associative functionality? 

From having tinkered with both products, it has seemed like there are real advantages to leveraging the associative processes to be able to have thinks linked-up.  ...I don't think that even Slicers and PowerPivot can effectively provide that or match Qlik for it.  Has anyone tried those?


Robert, This is a very well written article. In particular, I like that you are open about maybe not having tested in all capacities. The updates are good and honest. You clearly did your homework with the resources you provide throughout the article. This is a good, honest, "get to the heart of it" document. Great work!

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Hi Garrett

"associative functionality"

I have an issue explaining this to users. But I'm currently amending my word document to try to explain this better. I have done a quite detailed explanation on the difference between filter options in Sense and Power BI. Its one area where Sense is still way in front even after Power BI have recently closed the gap. I will upload when I have also compared the Power BI and Sense cloud offerings. I will look at Qlik cloud business soon. 

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Hi Greg

Thanks. I did this document because I want to recommend and use the best. And I wasn't too sure that Sense was until I did these comparisons. But also when I was recommending Sense I couldn't respond to but what about Tableau (or Power BI) my mate said ... sort of comment. But when doing it I had to try and be fair. Not do it as a Qlik devotee. As some of the Tableau is great or Power BI is where it's at comparisons I read are. Not all but some. Although maybe a Power BI or Tableau man or woman might see me in this category but I think I have been fair.

And I tried to make it clear that I was only focusing on these get to the heart of it issues. I may be wrong about this but these issues are what I think 95% of users are most impacted by. Of course some buyers will have requirements that make another option the best fit. But this comparison hopefully is a useful starting guide.

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Thank you so much for this document! It's precisely what I was looking for!

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Hi Adam

I know little about SSRS. But here's some information form the Power BI site

Power BI Vs SSRS - Microsoft Power BI Community

Re Qlik being in trouble. I feel that Qlik is pricing their cloud offering to be very competitive with Power BI. And they need to be. If Qlik just had View then they might be in trouble but with their various solutions now plus ongoing development I believe they can compete. Marketing and / or companies not knowing about Qlik as they will Power BI could be Qlik's biggest battle. 


Hi, Robert - Thank you for taking the time to publish this document. It will be great if you can update us with the progress.

Totally agree that the competition is stuff and Qlik need to be step-up. The biggest challenge for Qlik is that there are a lot of Microsoft fan clubs who embraced PowerBI when they had SSRS. I had worked on SSRS and PowerBI is a refreshing change. And Amazon wants to beat everyone with value for monies by their pricing strategy. Not just pricing, both - Amazon and Microsoft already have huge customer base. They just need to launch the product which is half decent and can improve later. So, cross-selling is much easier than making customers switch to a new product completely.

Hopefully, Qlik has plans to overcome all these things.



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