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Sense task execution error: failed to create search index

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Sense task execution error: failed to create search index


 A Task is showing as 'Failed' in QMC.  The task log (in ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log\Script) ends with:

..... Creating search index

.... Failed to create search index

.... Execution finished.

This message is displayed every time the app is refreshed from QMC.



The Qlik Engine appears to be unable to write to the App's Search Index Folder.  This was observed after reloads failed due to a full disk.



1) Get the id of the app that has failed: in QMC, go to apps and search for the name of the App that is on the failed Task.  Enable 'ID' in the column selector if it's not shown.

2) On the server, locate the search index folder for the app: go to the app folder (you can find this value in QMC in the Service Cluster).  There should be a sub-folder called Search.  This contains a search index folder for each app.  The app id is the name of the folder - find the folder with the id from step (1)

3) Rename or Delete the search index folder. 

4) Re-run the task in QMC.

5) Check the task runs ok.  If so you can delete the old search index folder, if you renamed it in step (3)

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