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SenseTheme: A Visual Theme Builder for Qlik Sense

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SenseTheme: A Visual Theme Builder for Qlik Sense


A little side-project that the team at Bitmetric has built now that Custom Themes became available in the Qlik Sense February 2018 release: SenseTheme.

SenseTheme is a visual editor for Qlik Sense themes. You can start with a blank theme, customize an existing theme to your liking, or just download a ready-made theme from the gallery.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Or share some cool themes that you've built

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I have tried SenseTheme. Its working great !. Getting color Titles in Charts now

Could you please let me know how this chart was built. Do we have any extension.

I have found this chart in this theme SenseTheme

Thanks in advance.

bubble chart.png

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The charts that are shown on SenseTheme are only to give you an approximate idea of how things will look. They are not native Qlik Sense charts but were made with PicassoJS, Qlik's open source chart library. You can probably get an extension that does the same thing, for example this one: http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/56728f52d1e497241ae697a5 (that doesn't seem to be compatible with newer versions of Qlik Sense, but perhaps skokenes‌ will fix that )

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have a look at this: Qlik Branch

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Nice and it really helps...

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Hi barryharmsen

Actually i applied Electric80 theme after couple of modifications and it works perfectly fine for me .One thing where m stuck is i want to change the value labels font color to white and unable to find the option to do it .Can you help me where exactly i need to modify to get Value Labels in white color as right now its not easily readable.

value label.PNG

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