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Set Analysis with multiple variables help

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Set Analysis with multiple variables help

Hi There,

Working with set analysis and wondering if anyone can provide some guidance. I am trying to convert the following to set analysis but seem to be doing something wrong and I cannot figure out where the issue may be. Below is my initial formula and the set analysis syntax that I created. Any help would be greatly appreciated:


receive scan:
,count(distinct {$<#SCAN_RECEIVE = {1}>} BARCODE)
,count(distinct{$<SCAN_RECEIVE_FLAG = {1}, #SCAN_RECEIVE = {1}>} BARCODE)


set analysis version:

= COUNT   ( {$<CAL_DATE={'$(=Date(Today()-1,'M/D/YY'))'}, CUSTOMER_GROUPNAME = {'WALMARTUS'}, STOP_NUMBER = -{1}, ORDER_TYPE = {'1 - Distribution'}, SCAN_RECEIVE_FLAG = {1} >  } IF(vScanExceptionFlag=0, count(distinct {$<#SCAN_RECEIVE = {1}>} BARCODE),0))


Thanks in advance.


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