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Suggested Tips when Posting in the Qlik Community


Suggested Tips when Posting in the Qlik Community

Hey guys - in such a few short weeks, we are delighted and grateful to see the increased level of community collaboration from our non-employee community members in the Sense forum, and we thank you for that, keep it up. If surfing the forums, we encourage you to respond to your fellow members as accurately as possible. Your contributions help others not only by providing the answers, but also by providing your perspective.

As you may know, "Business Intelligence", "Data Discovery", "Data Visualization", "Self-service", etc. as a whole, are not black and white. There is a large grey area, as many interpretations exist, resulting from the vast in-the-trenches experiences from many individuals and organizations. That knowledge is sometimes invaluable to others as it helps them see other "ways" and approaches from a different angle.So please include your experiences, if applicable, when responding.

Once again, thank you and please provide "Qlik" with open and honest feedback, so we may continue to improve the Qlik Sense user experience and provide you with highest level of community support.

BTW, here are some tips to keep in mind when posting or responding to forums posts:

  • Verify if the discussion is in regards to Sense or QlikView
  • If a post is for QlikView, if you can, please move it to the appropriate forum
  • Provide screenshots and steps so there is an accurate interpretation of the question / solution
  • Reference existing materials and responses using links to other threads and documents
  • If applicable, attach sample data and the app with information about the question / solution
  • If you have the tools, attach a sample video clip - (some members have done that, awesome)
  • Don't assume others know what you are talking about

In addition, there is a comprehensive list of getting-started-type videos that can answer many of your questions here - New to Qlik Sense Videos - reviewing those may also help you discover new things AND prompt you to ask new questions. Don't forget to visit the Qlik Sense Support page to answer your frequently asked questions, view system requirements and learn about some of the current limitations and known issues. Also, for those wanting to learn about the differences between Sense and QlikView - this great article http://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2014/07/29/view-or-sense by our own Henric Cronström - will help.

Thanks again and join the discussion.


Your Qlik Community Admins

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