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Suggestions for Qlik Sense (Dw.. Very much doable)

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Suggestions for Qlik Sense (Dw.. Very much doable)


As usual my frustration keeps growing with Qlik Sense each day because I'm used to working with QlikView. (But don't

have fear QlikTech as Clients love QlikSense)

Developing and Designing with QlikSense is like shooting arrows with one arm tied to my back. Whichever options I have to select involves a laborious process of "More clicks and OK's" before I can see my changes materialize.

It is of some consensus among Qlik'ers that since QS is more HTML based, options like Conditional Show / Hide and Triggers are not possible. (I'll be very sad if this is true ).

So here are some UI level suggestions that are very much doable in QS....... (I hope so).

  • Master Number Formatting.

       The master items should have the option to define a global number format. i.e. this format will be applicable whenever                              the  developer drags and drops the master measure.

  • Adding a master measure from the Edit panel itself (From the accordion panel on the right) 

  • Smaller grid granularity in the work canvas i.e. smaller chunks of cubes as opposed to large cubes.

  • Search option in the variable panel with each variable having a checkbox (So as to delete multiple variables in one go)

  • More shortcuts to open "Stuff". At this point CTRL + E opens the editing canvas and CTRL + right arrow will swipe to the next sheet. Suggested shortcuts include: Opening Variable editor panel, Opening Master Items panel, Creating Bookmarks etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REDUCE THE NUMBER OF CLICKS. This is an issue that bothers the users also as they are used to other UI interfaces that are much more intuitive and fluid.

  • Take a "Print-Out/Send to PDF" of the entire script. This is Very USEFUL in version control. This helps greatly if multiple users are working on the script. Or better yet if Qlik can keep the metadata of which user (Similar to OSUSER function) has changed/added which portion of script (with timestamp) it'll be very helpful. Currently, our IT is relying, I believe, on GitHub for version control.

  • ListBoxes and KPI objects and TextBoxes, should by default, not occupy half of the canvas when they're initially dragged and dropped.

  • More excel features for labels like: Text wrapping, Rotating Text, coloring text (if possible), Bold, Italics, Fonts(if possible).

  • Meaningful metadata for sheet objects (like CH104, KPI01, LB03 etc.) THIS IS VERY USEFUL IN NPRINTING. Helps to identify which sheet object that we need to drag and drop. This was there in QlikView, don't know why this is absent in QlikSense.

  • Adding Value colors to dimension directly when the dimension is first created. I can't understand why Value colors can only be added after adding the dimension. (As of now - Only after adding the dimension, one can add value colors by clicking EDIT... Seriously guys? Why more clicks?. This option is very un-intuitive for a non technical user)

  • Master development search option, where the 'Developer' can search for Tags and Variables in one go.

To the Qlik Community Users:

I will keep adding more points as I go on and I encourage other users to add their points. Please keep in mind that this post only concerns UI level changes. So suggest any changes at the UI level.


Thanks all   - 08-15-2017

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Good. Thank's for sharing.



Very good. I think Qlik should fix these on top urgent basis since these are just minor changes.

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Qlik has a history of not paying a whole lot of attention to enhancement requests made through QlikCommunity - they've started and then killed off multiple platforms for making enhancement requests (QlikCommunities Ideas RIP, Qlik Product Insights RIP, etc). Even when those were working, the top-voted features generally never got implemented (Bullet charts never did get into Qlikview, for example, despite being near the top of the list).

It seems the only way to make an impact in this regard is to work with your regional QlikView office, specifically through the Product Validation program, as explained by an official Qlik representative in this forum thread from 2016:


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Hi Vishnu

One of these changes would save about 5 seconds of time.

"ListBoxes and KPI objects and TextBoxes, should by default, not occupy half of the canvas when they're initially dragged and dropped."

and I don't agree or see the need for this one

"Smaller grid granularity in the work canvas i.e. smaller chunks of cubes as opposed to large cubes."

My view is any changes should initially mainly focus on making the user side better. Like dimension coloring doesn't work when alternative are used (but even here measures can be used instead)

I would also like to see the Exploration Menu give users more customization options. So focus mainly on making the user experience better. Mainly forget about data load editor at this point (its first rate as it is). Although more could be done on Data Manager. Important for new users starting out

My view is View had far too many options. Power BI is going down this route. Whatever users ask for they try to do it. I hope Sense stick to their current approach. Esp with View as an option still.

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Great topic, I hope that some Qlik god hear your suggestions!

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For Master Number Formatting, you can use the num or money function to format the measure.

For example num(Sum(Revenue),'#,##0.00')


Great post. In addition, a few suggestions:

- Allow to create default selection(s) at the beginning a session.

- Allow Calculated Measures to be reused within other calculated measures, so the same expression wouldn't need to be recreated (and updated in case of changes) multiple times.

- Allow chart colors to be updated on the widget (and not only when creating a measure).

- Allow the hub colors / logo to be customized to organization standards.

- Allow design on Sense Desktop and then deploy to server side.

- Allow integration with source control for versioning.

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Thanks for the comments. Weirdly enough, I don't have an option to edit the document. Can anyone make any suggestions?

Yes I agree with all your points. In addition I would like to see these features as well.

(These might be a little harder to implement )

1.  Fx option on every chart entity that can take a textual input.

2. Conditional option on every Expression, Dimension. (THIS IS NOT SAME AS  CONDITIONAL           SHOW HIDE!!). This is a very important feature. Right now we're solely relying on Field Functions    (Field       functions ‒ QlikView) for toggling between dimensions. One might say Alternative         measures/ Dimensions are the remedy. No they're NOT. They have the limitation of the user having to          select the dimensions every time, Instead of having it as a global filter.

3. Conditional Option on Sheets. (Again this is not the same as Show/Hide Feature)

(Heard news that Conditional show hide is affecting mobility and responsiveness, so has been scrapped. That's why it's not in the list!)

4. New functions in the library ( Pareto function and other statistical functions etc.)

5. Link to a chart object - in addition to link to a sheet.

Thanks All!

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@Shivanand - What I meant by a global master measure formatting was that the user would build a metric, and assign the formatting only once. This formatting is not limited to just number format. But also coloring format etc.

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Good points, hope Qlik will be taking things like that on board From my own perspective I miss opening selections the most I think, it's crazy how often users are asking about it (especially if they get used to using QV).

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