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Use Qlik Sens engine api just with javascript

New Contributor

Use Qlik Sens engine api just with javascript

Hi everyone,

I have some questions about the qlik engine authentication, In fact, I want to connect to the API without Node.js, certificates, or windows auth, and without soket.io... This is possible?

When I try to connect with :

var socket = new WebSocket("wss://dns.net/app/%3Ftransient%3D")

var jsondata = (JSON.stringify({

   "handle": -1,
   "method": "GetAuthenticatedUser",
   "params": {},
   "outKey": -1,
   "id": 3
socket.onmessage = function(e){ console.log(e.data); };
socket.onopen = () => socket.send(jsondata);

have this response :


But when the cookie X-Qlik-Session is set on my browser (manual authentication with chrome on the internal_forms_authentication portal), expected response outputted. So works fine:


{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":3,"result":{"qReturn":"UserDirectory=TEST; UserId=test"}}

Can I Simulate or set this cookie (or whatever auth method) with javascript and without node.jsfor getting the access right to call OpenDoc method?

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