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When is a Simple Table not so simple?


When is a Simple Table not so simple?

When the "Simple Table" is a Qlik Sense extension that provides so much flexibility you break out into your happy dance right in your office.

Recently a customer posed an issue they were facing and at first I had to scratch my head right along with them. They wanted to present some "outline" type data (financial income statement and balance sheet) in Qlik Sense and just couldn't make the out of the box table work. Why? Primarily from a usability issue they couldn't retain the leading space characters that were needed to indicate the outline of such data. Secondly because they couldn't format the text in ways that would typically be used.

As part of the research I uncovered a little known Qlik variable that can be set in the load script called Verbatim. Without "Verbatim" being set the load engine thinks it is doing you a favor and strips out the leading spaces in text strings. But you can manually override the default by putting the following in your load script before you load your "left space filled data.":

Set Verbatim=1;

My friends don't be dismayed when you try loading your data and see that the out of the box table object still displays your data with no leading spaces. Turns out the table object also does you a favor and strips them. However, that is easy to fix by simply calling the Replace() function to replace your spaces with ASCII character 160

Replace(Description, ' ', chr(160))

We are getting close ... but that's about as close as we are going to get. You do not have the ability to BOLD anything or UNDERLINE anything. You do have the ability to change the colors of the text and background for measures you have nothing but plain old black text for any dimensions.

The picture isn't totally bleak though my friends, Daniel Pilla has written an awesome Qlik Sense extension that provides you the ability to produce very nicely formatted outputs like the following:


Not sure why he chose to call his extension "Simple Table w/Link Detection" as I think it should be named "Awesomely wonderful table with unlimited flexibility" but maybe that's why I don't get to name products. Whatever his reasoning, you can access his extension via Qlik Branch by clicking here.

I do know why he added the term "w/Link Detection" to his title and that part makes total sense. Notice in the image above how "Papers" and "Plastics" above look like they are hyperlinks. It's because they are. No kidding if your value is a hyperlink it detects that, shows it that way and allows the end user to click on it. Seriously how cool is that?

Being succinct isn't my forte. Shooting rocking videos that keep you entertained while I present the information is. So here is a quick 10 minute video if you care to watch it that demonstrates how you would download and install Daniel's extension, then build it out to produce what I have in the image above. Be sure to share your feedback with him about the control while you are on Qlik Branch.

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