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http header auth using Google Chrome not working

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http header auth using Google Chrome not working

Environment is Sense 3.0.1.

I am trying to get http header authentication working with Google Chrome, using a Chrome extension for injecting the needed auth header. Quite convenient way of handling authentication during development.

This works flawlessly in Firefox, but when injecting the same headers using Chrome (have tried 5-6 different Chrome extensions for header manipulation), the Sense Hub loads fine, but when opening the app I sometimes get a "not connected" error dialog, and sometimes a "listener must be a function" dialog.


Somehow the Sense client does not play nice with Chrome's way of injecting headers, or vice versa. Which is kind of weird, http headers have been around for ages, and I would expect them to work consistently across browsers.

Anyone else that have run into this?

Any workarounds?



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After lots of testing, I can only conclude this is a bug..

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Hi Goran,

Have you found any resolution for this issue? We are trying to do the same thing (http header injection) and are getting the same "Listener must be a function" error. The only difference is that we are getting the error from all browsers, including IE and FireFox.

Thanks in advance,


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No solution that I am aware of, sorry.

Strange that you got this for IE and Firefox too.. But then I take it you are on Windows?

My testing was done on OSX - still a pain that it doesn't work though.

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Yes, mine was on Windows. And yes this is indeed frustrating. Thanks anyway!


I got it to work with Firefox and the Modify Headers extension (smiley face extension). I had same problem with Chrome.

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