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QlikSense Folders inside Apps


QlikSense Folders inside Apps

After using qlik sense since 2 years, I found out that I have around 50-100 sheets just in one app on avg depending on the APP. Is quite complicated to have those sheets organized, and will be quite handy if a Folder functionality inside an app is available.


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Never have I faced such a use case (an avg of 100 sheets in an app). But yes, this could be a great thing to add in future releases ( mto‌)

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I agree. Please add this feature it is very important!

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We have a Qlik Sense model used by many different groups.  Each has their own perspective of the data so folder functionality to organize the sheets will be important as the user base grows.


@OmarBenSalemI agree with @AdamSantillo. I try to use Qliksense instead of excel as a Business Analyst, if you look at any folder where I have my old jobs using excel you will see many files, and some of them have many sheets. Using a Qlik Sense App has the problem that once your app start to grow in number of sheets, it gets quite unorganized, and one spends quite a lot of time searching that thing you produced 2 or 3 months ago.

From the admin user perspective, this problem grows exponentially as many users face the same problem.

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Whenever I have this sort of issue in my apps, I create a few "Table of Contents/Views" sheets. 

Create as many sheets as you'd need folders (One per subject). From those sheets, you can make a button (from the Dashboard extension bundle, QS November 2018) which redirect you to your different sheets.

Starting the names of these sheets with a symbol will guarantee they stay up front in the app and they're the "guide" of the application.


This definitely isn't the fastest or best solution, but it's a fix while we wait for folders, I suppose.