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Recycle Bin Functionality in QMC


Recycle Bin Functionality in QMC

Dear all,


I open this thread to propose the following idea for Qlik Sense Enterprise:



  • Available in Qlik Management Console (QMC) for certain Administrative Roles (e.g. RootAdmin, ContentAdmin).
  • The Recycle Bin could be enabled / disabled by RootAdmin accounts.
  • If Recycle Bin feature is enabled, whenever a user deletes a published Application it moves to Recycle Bin area.
  • If an Application is recovered from Recycle Bin, then it moves back to the stream where it was initially placed.
  • The contents of the Recycle Bin will be automatically purged after a specified time interval (e.g. days) or other condition (e.g. total size of the deleted applications).



  • Avoid situations where a full restore is required to recover an application.
  • Accidental application deletion will be easier to handle by Qlik Sense Administrators


Thanks for your time reading my idea!


Best regards,




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