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Share Bookmarks with other users


Share Bookmarks with other users

In a published app bookmarks can be

- base bookmarks (visible for all users) or

- private bookmarks (only visible for the owner)

Bookmarks should be shareable between users:

- promote private bookmark to community bookmark

- share bookmark with defined other, selectable users

New Contributor III

You can actually already do this using security rules, for example the below will allow users to see other users bookmarks and stories if they prefix it with "SHARED" :

((!resource.App.stream.Empty() and resource.App.HasPrivilege("read") and (resource.objectType = "bookmark" or resource.objectType = "story") and resource.name like "SHARED*"  and (resource.app.owner.group="User Group" ))

Although it would be nice to have an in built functionality to share without needing these sorts of rules.


Thank, I know, but why not to have a standard function as it is the same for sheets?