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Automating users publishing to streams in Qlik Sense

We want power users to be able to easily publish apps they have created to certain streams to share these apps with their colleagues.

At the moment they have to go into QMC to publish an app and there is no way for them to unpublish an app (apart from deleting it).

So we are looking to build something to allow them an easy way to do this.

Thought I would check that I haven't missed anything or that an extension for this already exists?

I am aware of the following code (which we will probably use as the basis of whatever we end up building)

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Re: Automating users publishing to streams in Qlik Sense

Hi Shane, The QMC is where you want to direct users to perform publish operations.  The reason for this is the intentional separation from creation in the client and content management in the QMC.  What you can do is limit QMC access to owned resources and set actions so that developers of apps can publish.  When you start merging all sorts of management capabilities into the designer client it begs the question "where do you draw the line?"  In Qlik's case, we drew the line at create vs. manage. Is it perceived as an inconvenience to use two different interfaces to create and then manage?  Perhaps, but the security rules framework supports delivering the appropriate access for users to create and manage their assets in the appropriate tools. Have a look at the GSS information here:  I think you will find it only takes a couple of security rules to provide users with the capabilities you want them to have. https://github.com/eapowertools/iPortal/blob/master/docs/gss_setup_guide.md

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Re: Automating users publishing to streams in Qlik Sense

‌Thanks for the reply.

Yes understand we can limit functionality via security rules.  And for developers who are pushing what we term governed apps, the QMC is an great interface.  And of course for governed apps we promote the apps across Build > QA > Prod envs, which is a technical task in itself (although we are working on automating that with the various Toolkits that are available)

But for self service users in Prod the feedback we have had is that QMC just looks to technical.

I suppose the main issue is the customer just loves the way you publish to streams in qlik cloud ;-) so we would love to replicate that capability.

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