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Best Practices for Self Service Model

Thinking of best practices and/or pros/cons of the two approaches below, from a support perspective:

1.  Let users duplicate applications to make modifications that may get re-published?

2.  Confine users to creating sheets, in published applications, for their development?  Then possibly promoting those sheets.


In a situation where users keep duplicating applications, multiple copies, etc.  This slowed down our upgrade to April 2019 as well as caused an exponential backup size, that required us to add space to the network drive just to complete the upgrade.

Just thinking out loud and wondering how others manage "self-service".  Thank you, in advance, for any and all constructive suggestions, answers or resources on the net.

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Re: Best Practices for Self Service Model

I would recommend #2 for vast majority of users.
we tend to follow 3 set of users
1- No permissions apart from view
2- Permission Edit App (create/edit sheet)
3- Duplicate published and create new apps
#3 is usually a smaller group