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Export App without Data in automatic way


we have deployed an exe to export an app from dev enviroment and import/publish in a prod one. It will work via batch. We would like improve the routine exportinga app without data because they are good only in developer phase.

I Known the Manual way to do this, but I need of a automatic process. Is there any Rest parameters to do that ?


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Contributor II


We have an on-demand App creator and migrator which can sync the applications and sheets from one environment from Qlik to another environment.  I am assuming you are looking at selecting a specific stream or Apps to migrate from say Dev to Test or Prod without data, correct?  We can help with this scenario.  Send an email to me at m.desai@ezdatamunch.com and we can discuss the details offline.


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Contributor II

Hi Michele, we had same problem, and solved using WIP tool that can transfer apps between our servers

The tool stores the app in it's owns repository with versioning and no data (save space in the database) then deploy to servers and reload then automatically

No more problems

Search for ebiexperts if you want to look to


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Hi Michele,

You might also want to check out the solution from In4BI. They have developed a simple to use powerful solution that also helps with governance and compliance besides allowing you to deploy from DEV to UAT and Prod. The ability to Purge data from your app is built in as well as many other useful features.

Hope this helps,




Hi Milan,

thank you for answering.

we need an exe file to runa via Batch. It should read a parameter file (xml or other), take the name of stream and the name of app and Export the app in .qvf file without data.

We have othee exe file running via Batch a lot of task, thus we need only the APIs to use to perform the action