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Qlik Sense Iframe on Phone Scroll and Zoom Feature?


Create an App in Sense.

Create a Mobile iOS app consuming the Objects created in Sense using Iframe

Pivot table must be able to have A Total and an Avg on top of the detail on each cell.

* Done successfully by Scripting.

Pivot table must also be able to have coloring code to show deviation from average.

* Done successfully by Scripting on background color

Allow the user to navigate smoothly in the Pivot table to see all his desired data/cell.

* challenge : Iframe dont allow feature to Zoom, dont allow ability to change font size, so that we might have been able to see more data if we manage to reduce the font size.

We have a Pivot table which we would like to allow the user to Scroll both Horizontal and Vertical to be able to see all the data in the Table.

Currently if we use straight table, at times in the table it display the 3 dots... ( ... ) which is there at times when you have too much columns in a table for user to select his columns.

While when we use Pivot table, we get the Dimension columns Freeze and then the measuring table scrollable. User is not happy with this( Not to be able to see the columns )

Second issue :

The bar charts consumed using iframe also does not have scroll feature also, hence some bars are hidden.