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Section Access Group without active directory

Hello, I'm using a section access and I need to assign a group to the user

the section access looks like this

section access ;


USER    ,     *                        ,group 1 ,        231956

USER    ,     *                        ,group 2,         154559

USER    ,     *                       , group 3,         484566

ADMIN   ,INTERNAL\SA_SCHEDULER    ,*             ,*

section application ;

we don't have access to the active directory and we can't create a GROUP from there.

Is there any other method to create a GROUP to be used in section access from the QMC?    I tried with custom properties but custom properties are meant to be used in security rule and not in section access.

many thanks


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Re: Section Access Group without active directory

Go to QMC

Manage Resource

Create New ODBC EXCEL and import excel in QMC

and then test

It should work,


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Re: Section Access Group without active directory

thanks Vikas, actually we get the user from the Active directory, the problem is that we can't create the attribute GROUP.