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Welcome - tell us what you think!

Welcome to Qlik Sense Governed Self Service!    We're very excited to get this content out to everyone.   Thank you for your patience.   This set of content that we call the Governed Self Service (GSS) Reference Deployment is a great way to:

- learn Qlik Sense best practices

- demonstrate the power of Qlik Sense

- use the GSS roles and rules as a template for your deployment

- show off how fast you can spin up a world class, governed deployment of Sense!

Please send us feedback, comments, questions, suggestions and anything else that might help.   We are hoping to keep evolving this over time and making it easier and easier for Sense customers to get going quickly with best practices. 

Thank you!

Qlik Enterprise Architecture Team

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Re: Welcome - tell us what you think!

HI Brad!

I stumbled across this space via the "Governed Metrics Service" on branch!

Definitely a feature that should have been included in Qlik Sense 1.0.

I'm currently starting a nw Qlik Sense project, where Governed Metrics across multiple apps are super important.

Do you think the Governed Metrics Service is ready for production? Will it eventually become part of the product (similar to QWidget?).



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Re: Welcome - tell us what you think!

Hi Roland, we appreciate the enthusiasm!  We are reasonably confident the Governed Metrics Service will work in a production environment. That said, we do recommend testing and getting to know the solution.

If you find limitations, bugs, or annoyances please send feedback and open issues on the project site on Github.

As for finding its way into the product, we hope  Governed Metrics finds its way into the product someday.  While we do work for Qlik, we do not work in product management, so it's hard for us to provide a timeline or intent to implement in the product.

Thank you for the note and make sure to tell us what you think after you start using GMS.


Re: Welcome - tell us what you think!

I have shown Governed Self Service a few times now and the and the response from IT and Business Users has been extremely positive.  A lesson learned is to show early on how you can use a combination of GSS metrics and Business User defined metrics in the same application.  This is a huge differentiator and a great way for us to define a new industry standard for the self service experience.

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Re: Welcome - tell us what you think!

Do the GSS roles and rules as provided support the use case where a user requires access to multiples streams but plays different roles within each stream?  For instance, the user JoeSales is a Contributer for the Sales stream but is a Consumer for the Finance Stream.  It seems that this would require the groups(roles) to be defined to include the Stream (ie. SalesContributer, FinanceConsumer, etc.) and the rules adjusted to accommodate this.