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Folders in your own workspace and streams


Folders in your own workspace and streams

A user should be able to create folders in his own workspace to manage his projects. The same function should be available in streams too.


I totally agree for workspace but not for streams.
In my opinion Streams should already be "simple and organized folders"


Hi there,

I would encourage you to have a look into the new Space concept within our Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services & Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes deployment options. Spaces are one level in how you can organize your content. But across Spaces you can use Tags and Collections to group your content and make it easier to filter and find.

Here is a link to our help page with more details. Working in Spaces

Best regards,


Status changed to: Awaiting Review
New Contributor II

Even in streams folders will be quite helpful when you have over 200 apps (regular case in big corporations). If you have the single level of app organization (streams) then you will get either infinite streams list or unreadable app overview.

It would be great if there are several other ways to make an easy navigation between apps

New Contributor III

this is a great idea. Several people have voted with likes... Qlik support, has this been submitted as a product enhancement request yet? streams can get cluttered and having the ability to have folders inside the streams would make organization much better.