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Natural management of completly null field in set analysis


Natural management of completly null field in set analysis


This idea makes reference to this issue


So, let's say you have this table


and you must sum the measure when the field Dimension_2 is not null. You will write :
Sum({$<Dimension_2= {"*"}>} Measure}

And it works fine




Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut let's have this table without the last row

not a big deal, you may think...




Surprise !!
The set analysis {$<Dimension_2= {"*"}>} is not even taken into account !

Frankly, and given the fact that this behaviour is not documented , I would consider that a bug and a big one.

Please, Qlik, can you have this working as expected?

Best regards,


Bi Consultant (Dataviz & Dataprep) @ Business & Decision
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I am closing this item. There is often a difference between working as designed and working as expected. I recommend opening this as a bug with Qlik Product Support (https://support.qlik.com/).

Status changed to: Closed - Declined