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Are session apps automatically created in background when regular apps opened?

I am pulling data from the healthcheck API, works great.

I am however seeing something that I don't quite understand: 

  • I start with a freshly restarted QSEoW, April 2020 (the same thing happens on earlier versions too). No apps loaded in the engine thus.
  • From the hub I open one app.
  • Sure enough, after a second or so that app shows up in the healthcheck API's list of loaded apps. But there is also a new session app, coming from somewhere.
  • I open a second app from the hub. It shows up in the healthcheck API's list of apps loaded in memory, together with another new session app.

I have a vague feeling that I long ago heard about these session apps being used for behind-the-scenes data profiling... or something. Can't remember. 

Anyone knows under what circumstances these session apps are created, what they do, how big they will be (I am thinking performance impact etc)?

More visual example below:



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