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Cannot read property 'setOnError' of undefined error within Mashup

Hello, everyone. I am trying to put the created mashup to the external server and constantly meeting "Cannot read property 'setOnError' of undefined" error.

I have changed the direct link to the qlik requirejs and it seems to read it, however, there is always an error of undefined and qlik objects are not loading.  I thought that the problem is that it can't get access to qlik.js or other necessary js and tried to include it inside the js file by paths, it doesn't help. Maybe the problem is the order of accessing require js?

What can be the problem, please? 


below is the part of the js code 

	baseUrl: (config.isSecure ? "https://" : "http://" ) + config.host + (config.port ? ":" + config.port : "" ) + config.prefix + "resources",
    paths: {
        productinfo: 'https://server/resources/autogenerated/product-info',
        qlik: 'https://server/resources/js/qlik',
        client: 'https://server/resources/translate/en-US/client',
        common: 'https://server/resources/translate/en-US/common',
        devhub: 'https://server/resources/translate/en-US/devhub',
        engine: 'https://server/resources/translate/en-US/engine',
        single: 'https://server/resources/js/single'

    waitSeconds: 10000

require(["js/qlik"], function (qlik) {
    window.qlik = qlik;

    qlik.setOnError(function (error) {