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Contributor III
Contributor III

Changing default property od table object

Hi guys.

As I am trying to learn building visual extension for qlik sense I want to do first task:

In default straight table for Qlik Sense, label of column is not dynamic. I need to allow users to put there expression or variable. So in js code for properties of object there is something like that:

definition : {

            type : "items",

            component : "accordion",

            items : {

                dimensions : {

                    uses : "dimensions"} ....

And I need to what "uses: dimensions" stands for to put there ability to put expressions.

Can somebody help me with this?

Thank in advance. Take care

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Hi Kamil,

To have a full hypercube with both dimensions and measures you need more in your property panel, for example like this:

items: {

   dimensions: {

   uses: "dimensions",

   min: 1,

   max: 1

   measures: {

   uses: "measures",

   min: 1,

   max: 1

   sorting: {

   uses: "sorting"

   settings: {

   uses: "settings"


This will give you sections for botrh dimensions and measures and also one for sorting. The 'uses: "dimensions"' refers to a predefined property panel section. More on that here:


Hope this helps


Contributor III
Contributor III

Ok, but how may I add to this property something like "expression": "optional" to label part?

So that I could add expression and variables to label of table column?