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Changing the exported Excel file in a Mashup

Hi Experts

I 've got the following requirement. Currently The file exported from QlikSense with exportData() function, is just a simple table representing the HyperCube for the object. What I need is to add some additional data, like some title or current selections

I am not a Javascript expert, and spent some time digging in to it, but was not able to find a suitable solution.

Basically I see two possible ways to deal with this:

Intercepring the file in the middle, changing it with some lib and then giving back to the user for download

Generate file from scratch using QlikSense API

The last option looks to me too complesx, for I saw that therea are different HyperCube formats, for straight, pivot and stacked tables.

Would you be able to advise me with the possible way how to do that? Highly appreciate any help.

Thank you very much



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Re: Changing the exported Excel file in a Mashup

Hi Darius,

You are right these are the options. The file you get from exportData is created server side, modifying that would be very hard. Generating it client-side would probably be a lot easier. The downside (and the reason why Qlik Sense does it server side) is that it would have problems if the dataset is very large. But if your customer can live with that and basically copy only the data that is actually in the client that is the way to go. I have done some work in the area for customers and I would say it is a medium-size task, and you definitely would need someone with javascript experience for it.

BTW I'm not sure the API's can export data from stacked or pivot tables.There are also some limitations mentioned in the Qix Engine API. Those would affect the Capability API call too.

Hope this helps

Erik Wetterberg