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Disassociating so one selection wouldn't impact the other date

Hello All,

I'm new to Qlik Sense. No Qlik background. So, pretty much learning grounds-up.

Little bit of the context:

There are 3 different date ranges available for the user to select from. For example, Borrowed Date, Return By Date & Returned Date. All these date have a range for selection like Borrowed Date From and Borrowed Date To and likewise.


Selection in Borrowed Date From also impacts the values in Return By Date and Returned Date. The expectation is: all these dates to be independent of each other during the selection. How can we disassociated these dates.

Note: All these dates are joined to the fact table - A star schema.

Also, is there any working date picker calendar available in Qlik Sense.

Thanking you all in anticipation of a solution.

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Creator III
Creator III

Hi there,

If you could submit a sample app - that would be ideal as it would illustrate exactly how your data model is designed.

To remove the association between all dates - did you hear about data islands and their use case? It seems to me that's what we are trying to do here. An example here:What are data Island

If you will decide to follow this approach and load dates as tables not associated with the rest of your model, but you still want to pass user selections made in these filters to your measures you will have to use some Set Analysis and variables to implement this.

As this is first answer posted to this question so far - if anyone has any other ideas, please share.

Good luck!