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Dynamically get label for drop down.

I have an extension that uses a list generated by the user to populate a list in application. I have added it to my properties but I can't seem to get the label to work. Below is my code and a screen shot of what I see. 

var settingsDefinition = {
			uses: "settings",
					items: {
						MyList: {
							type: "array",
                            ref: "listItems",
                            label: "List Items",
                            itemTitleRef: "MyDropDown.label",
                            allowAdd: true,
                            allowRemove: true,
                            addTranslation: "Add Item",
                            items: {						
								MyDropDown: {
									label: "Field",
									type: "string",
									component: "dropdown",
									ref: "fieldList",
									options: function() {
										return getFieldList().then(function (items) {
											return items;